Media Consulting Services 

In an ever-evolving, technology-based society it is imperative that self-employed individuals have a firm grasp on social media platforms and their potential to boost one's revenue. 

As a media consultant I assist clients in an array of tasks to help boost their web presence, including:

Website Design | I assist clients in website development, expansion, and education. Already have a website? Great! Let’s make it better. Want to start from scratch? Cool, I can help with that too! Unsure of where to begin? I can take you through the process of developing a solid web presence.

Social Media Development & Expansion | Many social media sites are awesome, FREE platforms which can help expand your web presence and attract more customers. Let's go through the ins and outs of social media and design a strong web presence for you.

Content Development & Editing | Let me help make your website better! I offer content development and editing services for your already established site(s). 


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