Growing up is hard . Being a gifted kid or teen is even harder.

If you are a gifted kid or teen, being different from your peers can cause a whirlwind of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Being different can make life difficult, especially when being smart is often thought to make life easy. Being labeled as ‘gifted’ can come with a lot of explicit and implicit expectations.

Here are some of my favorite gifted resources

If a healthcare practitioner is not well versed in the characteristics associated with giftedness this can lead to misdiagnosis.  Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) offers many resources and trainings. SENG also provides a concise list of common misdiagnoses and their associated gifted traits. Check out their misdiagnosis initiative here.

Hoagies Gifted is a reliable resource with a plethora of information for the gifted individual, parents of the gifted, and educators.